Frequently Asked Questions

MyCalifornia.eu can decide where the cars are bought, so they can find the best offer for you. Also we save costs on staff and an expensive building.
This depends on the current delivery time. This will be between 3 and 7 months for a new configured cars. Stock cars are available at the indicated period.
With our many years of experience with the Volkswagen California we can conclude that an engine lighter than 150hp is less suitable for a heavy car like the California. When you prefer a lighter motorization, please contact us. We would like to make you a personalized offer.
MyCalifornia.eu provides a total solution, without hidden costs. You only need to pay the fee to register the vehicle in your own country. This includes VAT and the cost of registration in the country of destination, which is different for every individual country. We can advise you on how to do this.
We deliver California’s throughout Europe. Each country has its own tax rate. We will help you to identify the total cost.
The down payment is always made by bank transfer. This is a safe method of payment from which you can easily launch the order. You have the right to cancel your order during the next 2 weeks.

The remaining sum is to be paid one week before the retrieval / transport of your California by bank.

We require a deposit of 15% of the purchase price excluding VAT. The remaining 85% is to be paid one week before the retrieval / transport of your California by bank including a bank guarantee.
Yes, you have two weeks to change your mind.
The new California’s all have a standard European 2-year warranty by Volkswagen. A few days after your final payment this warranty period will start.
You can get the warranty from your local Volkswagen dealer.
This is a similar procedure in each country. We provide the needed car documents. You go to the competent agency to pay your taxes and to request a registration number. We advise you on how this works in your country.
This is different for each individual country. We can help you find the right authority to calculate the total costs.
No, the insured transportation costs are included.
This depends on the country of destination. We strive to deliver the vehicle within two weeks after payment.
We strive to deliver the vehicle within one week after payment.
We ensure that there is a transfer waiting for you at the airport so that you can come to the pickup location carefree.
We arrange European-approved insurance plates, which allow you to drive home within 7 days.
No, the costs for these plates are included.
From experience with the Volkswagen California we know which options should not be missing on this car. We provide these options for free on every California!
No, after your order request, we will send you a personalized offer, including the terms and conditions. When you agree with this offer and make the down payment, the order process will start.
We have made a selection of the often chosen options. If you want to order additional options you can indicate this by describing your requirements in the field “additional options” in the configurator.
This is currently not possible.
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