California Coast

The perfect basecamp for your adventures

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The new Volkswagen T6 California Coast meets everything you would expect from a modern compact motorhome. The T6 California Coast is a more luxurious version of the Beach and offers seating and sleeping to four people. With an expanded kitchen and a manually operated lifting roof.

Behind the wheel of the California Coast you will experience an oasis of calm. In one glance you can see all the features that make driving and traveling even more pleasant and safer. With the California you have the holiday spirit at the first kilometer. In the evening you can completely obscure the windshield with a new system.

After an adventurous ride, easily prepare a delicious meal. You can do it in the sophisticated kitchen of the California Coast. It has a beautiful ‘Whitewood’ look and features a 35 liter solution and recovery tanks, 42 liter compressor cooler which cools when it’s hot, a two burner stove with piezo ignition with a beautiful glass cover. The kitchen is built with an aluminum sandwich structure. Light and strong material that does not rattle while driving.

The layout and space utilization of the T6 California is the evolution of a decade of experience in motorhome construction. The optimum balance is created between living and storage space.

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The California Coast T6 is equipped with the comfort dashboard. Beautiful materials and improved insulation ensure more rest on board. The comfort seats have armrests and lumbar support. Except in the living area, the cabin windows also have blackout blinds.

The durability of a Volkswagen not only lies in the techniques that you find in the California Coast and all other Volkswagen campers like the Beach and Ocean. In the production process, preserving the environment and saving energy are a high priority.

Available from € 37.000 (excl. VAT) plus Cruise control, Park distance control, privacy glass and one extra (third) key included for free. Our starting prices are based on a 150 hp 6-speed manual transmission. On top of this, you can add the MyComfort or MyComfort+ option package for the full experience. All prices are including delivery charges (you can choose between pick up close to a dutch airport with insured number plates or let it ship to your home). Finally, you can register the car in your country and pay local sales taxes.

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