VW T6.1 California Beach

vw california beach

With additional living space, a triple backseat that folds into a spacious double bed, a hand-operated pop up roof containing a double bed and a compact kitchen with water and cooking facilities. In addition to his camping qualities the beach just as easily serves as an MPV, so that you can drive it both for business and private. The beach is suitable for any trip.

It has a sophisticated layout with plenty of sleeping space. The beach is by its different classification the widest California. The three-seater or two-seater bench can easily be converted into a bed for two or three children.
You can also sleep in the upper bed which has room for two adults.


Quirky camper with sporty character and striking colours. The Beach is created with a hand-operated pop-up roof, sliding three-seater sofa and an extra compact kitchen unit, providing additional living space. Under the hand-operated pop-up roof you find a spacious double bed.

The new Volkswagen California Beach T6.1 is packed with travel experience. Compared with the more luxurious California Coast and Ocean version, the Beach is a somewhat sportier camper. Every California has two camping chairs in the rear and a table in the sliding door.

volkswagen-california-6-1-beach (1)

Peace and overview. That exudes from the new dashboard. Behind it lies a multitude of functions that are easy to operate and make driving and travel more pleasant and safe. The beach makes you relaxed and gives you a holiday feeling from the first kilometer of your trip.

The new California Beach comes with a new generation of engines, all with BlueMotion technology. This technology symbolises intelligent and responsible driving, without compromising on performance. With all sorts of clever innovations that save fuel, reduce CO2 emissions and create less particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

T6.1 Colours

There are many colours available for the Volkswagen California. We base, metallic and two-tone colours. Which one do you like most?

T6.1 Wheels

Wheels make your new California stand out. Do you want to go for a sporty or more classic look? Available in 16,17 and 18 inch.

T6.1 Options

The list with options is very long. We understand that it might be overwhelming. We are here to help you find the options that you need.

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